Nathaniel Batchelder – Prayers for Life


I believe that God is manifest in all religious traditions and that all religions instruct humanity to be caretakers, stewards of nature, other species, and all life.

The website of Interfaith Power and Light lists “Religious Statements on Climate Change” for all major faith traditions and Christian denominations. These assert that global warming is real, is human-made, and that all humanity must participate in solutions.

Science informs us that our growing numbers, consumption rates, waste production, and contributions to global warming are devastating nature. Evidence suggests that, unless human behaviors change drastically, within 100 to 200 years, half of living species will likely go extinct, and human numbers may be cut in half.

Everyone’s participation in solutions is needed. Our purchases, lifestyles, transportation choices, and our votes all contribute toward sustaining nature and life as we know it, or accelerating the damage to the only planet we have.

Do your religious leaders speak about these issues? Is your house of worship doing what it can? Your prayers and words of encouragement can make a big difference.

Nathaniel Batchelder is a member of Church of the Open Arms, UCC, and a board member of the Oklahoma Conference of Churches.


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